Trapped Emotions

Pets, like humans, have trapped emotions that prevent them from living their best lives. Together we can help!

Everyone feels a wide range of emotions every day. These emotions bring depth and richness to our lives. It is important to allow our bodies to feel all emotions, whether we believe they are positive or negative.

However, emotions should come into our body, be felt fully, and then leave our body.  Unfortunately, at times when our body is physically or emotionally stressed, we trap negative emotions.

Trapped emotions leave behind pieces of vibrational resonances, which are balls of energy embedded in the organs, tissues and cells of our bodies. These trapped emotions disrupt the flow of our natural body energy. Once the flow is disrupted, our bodies can become unbalanced physically and emotionally, thus leading to the symptoms we feel.

Fortunately, these emotions can be energetically released. Once they are released, your body is free from this energy interference and able to heal itself.