The Process

Prior to a session, we discuss what you are looking to gain from this experience or what led you to me. I also gather any history that would be beneficial for our work together.

The actual energy session is done remotely with no physical connection via phone or online. I serve as a proxy for you. This allows me to be hyperfocused during the entire session. I use a picture of you to help set my intention, and I ask questions of your subconscious mind that lead me to what needs to be released. Once identified, I use a magnet on myself to release your trapped emotions.

I then can share my findings with you when it is convenient for you, or some people choose not to hear the findings. The process is very individualized and will be whatever works best for you. The outcome is not dependent on you sharing the root of the emotions released. That is only shared if it is beneficial to you on a conscious level.

If you are ready to experience the healing power of energy work, please call me at 720-933-8142. I look forward to helping you on your journey to wellness. 


Vulnerability, Grief, Fear, Disgust, Overwhelm, Abandonment, Anger, and Hopelessness. Just a few of the negative emotions that can be released and reveal your true self.

Self Care

Self care is in direct correlation to a healthy life. Self care helps us manage stress, and affects both our physical and emotional health. When you take care of yourself, you are also better able to help others.


Animals can suffer from trapped emotions just as humans can. While they can not talk to us, pets have an emotional and biological connection to us. Look into their eyes and see for yourself.

Let’s build something together.